Like it or not, being present on social media as a business is as important as having a good website, sending mail campaigns or advertising on Google. Whilst it is a vital cog in your marketing plan, the social platforms you use, or how often you post, will vary from business to business.

This month I want to unpack Facebook. With almost 2 billion active users a month, Facebook is currently the largest, most widely used platform. 56 million users on Facebook are aged 35-44, however, it is still used by all ages.

Facebook Groups

This year, the number of Facebook groups has grown experientially. These groups are usually geographical or interest-based. They can be public or private and can encourage members to comment, share and provide support. Having looked at my own profile, I was shocked to discover that I am part of 69 groups! Some are not active anymore, but it certainly feels more personal than a business page.

A private Facebook group can provide an incentive for prospective customers to connect, without any obligation to buy, or provide support to those who have signed up. For example, I am part of a local business group that offer the option to join a private Facebook group. Instead of sending out numerous emails that are sometimes missed, a group can be an easy way to communicate news, offers and events straight to the individual.

Once you have joined a group, it is also now possible to share a post from a business page, rather than from your personal profile.

Facebook Business Pages

Being visible as a page is far more difficult than it used to be. Quite often, to get noticed you need to boost or promote your posts and then make sure they are seen by your target audience. Having said that, is it not expensive and can really help.

A video I filmed for a primary school was boosted and reached 12K views. If you are going to boost, I suggest specifically targeting those who you want to see the post OR choose friends and friends of friends to make sure those who currently follow you are more likely to see the post.

Whilst a low reach on your business posts can be disheartening, I would not dismiss Facebook. Having a presence is still important. Make sure you’re about and contact details are up-to-date, you encourage recommendations and post consistently. If a new customer visits your page, they will see that you are active and therefore be more likely to take you seriously.

Despite my Facebook business page having less followers than my Instagram or Twitter pages, more people click through to my website than on any other platform. This has also been true of other clients I have worked with.

Try to remember that social media, in particular Facebook, is the online shop window to your business. Your page can really showcase your business with photos, videos, reviews and contact information.

ğŸ”Ž So how do you look? If I visit your page, will I find out who you are, what you sell, where you are, what makes you tick, your staff, your expertise? 👀

If you are unsure about anything Facebook-related or have a question, please drop me a line on: or connect with me on Facebook @clareherriot.

Next month I will be unpacking another one of my favourite platforms.

In case you missed last month’s blog, here is Instagram 📦 Unpacked.

x Clare x

*Disclaimer: This is a snapshot view of Facebook, there is plenty more to say, so if you have any other questions, please do ask!

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