Category: Whitehill School

Whitehill Nursery Video

  Brief: Create a promotional video to showcase the fantastic nursery. Project: Over a few hours the children were filmed taking part in a variety of activities that normally take place during a typical nursery session. Text was added during editing to highlight the days and times available. Result: The video will be published on…
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Whitehill Primary School Photos

  Brief: Take a variety of photographs showing the pupils working throughout the school. Project: Children were photographed at their desks, interacting with other pupils and listening and talking to their teachers. Result: These photographs will be used for publicity to showcase the day to day life of the school. Testimonial: “I very much appreciate what you…
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Whitehill Primary School Videos

  Brief: Create a 90 second video to showcase the school’s facilities and ethos, ready for the launch of their new Facebook page. Project: Filmed over two days to make sure all required activities were covered. Three older children were also chosen to provide audio as needed. Result: The school were thrilled with the video…
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