The Guava Kitchen

The Guava Kitchen


Brief: Create a short video to showcase the newly opened Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant in Forest Hill, The Guava Kitchen.

Project: We filmed the restaurant, customers enjoying the cuisine, chef preparing food, the local area and a passionate introduction to her new restaurant by owner Jennifer Campbell.

Result: Jennifer sent the YouTube link to all her contacts, posted it on the homepage of The Guava Kitchen website and on all social media platforms. There has been over 2K views so far and many new faces entering the restaurant.


We were let down by our videographer 2 days before shooting and contacted Clare. She took on the project with amazing professionalism and ease. The end result was a video that was at the highest quality, in short – a masterpiece. Thank you so much Clare, you have kick started our marketing campaign at the highest level possible!

Jennifer Campbell, Owner of The Guava Kitchen

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