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How great timing can impact your social media

  For 10 years, I managed a busy charity shop. Timing and resourcefulness played a big part in increasing sales. Behind the scenes, not a day went by without someone saving items for an event or particular time of year. A glitzy bag for the Fancy Dress event, a fascinator for the Spring Bridal event,…
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This is me, by Clare Herriot

  No matter how good your business model, it is imperative in this digital age to connect your business offering to online audiences. More and more customers are looking online to be inspired and to make purchasing decisions. This is how I can help, particularly if you don’t have the time, expertise or confidence to grow…
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Something about cafe culture

If you have read about my visit to Brixton, you will know that I am not a well-travelled girl. Yes I have been abroad, but from week to week I have tended to stay in the safety net of Bromley and Chislehurst! So in my quest to get inspiration for my favourite place – Chislehurst…
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Something about Brixton

It’s so easy to become settled in our suburban lifestyle; secure in familiar surroundings and daily routines. We often forget how rewarding it can be to venture out of our comfort zone and visit somewhere new. So on this day I decided to take a train to Brixton.    In July 2010 Prince Charles and…
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