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Keep up-to-date with my blog which will be filled with latest projects and tips on all things video, social media and communications.

BR7 Baking Case Study

  Brief: Create a monthly blog series called BR7 Baking with Aprils Kitchen​. Each month April published a new recipe and blog, in partnership with other local businesses, and I[…]

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Twitter 📦 Unpacked

  Twitter began in 2006. Here are a few facts: 330m monthly active users 707 is the average number of followers (I have 709, I must be above average 😁)[…]

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LinkedIn 📦 Unpacked

  As a business, being present on social media is as important as having a good website, sending mail campaigns or advertising on Google. However, whilst it is a vital[…]

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Our Awesome Team

We would love to help transform your online presence through video, social media and blogs.

Clare Herriot

Director / Owner

Clare started the business in 2016.

“I am creative, organised and resourceful; I love coffee shops, making videos and getting online profiles in tip top shape!”

Blue Herriot

Co-founder & companion

Blue keeps an eye on the creative process here at Clare Herriot Communications! He is often found on the sofa keeping Clare company through film edits… “wooof”

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