It’s Wednesday, you have a to-do list as long as your arm, and on top of that, you need to think about social media.

Here are my Three Mid-Week Musts to help get you noticed on social media this week. They really work!

1. Tag Movers and Shakers

Whatever the post, is there someone you can tag that is likely to attract a bigger audience for you?

Make sure that the person or business relates to your post and that the tag works for each platform so that the chosen person or business sees you have tagged them.

Example 1. I tagged someone on Linked In who I had worked with that day. They have a large following and as a result, the impressions for that post were 636, whereas my usual posts often gain on average 50 impressions!

Example 2. I posted a video on Instagram that I had produced for a group of dancers. I tagged their page, all the dancers and went wild with hashtags. As this was a new style of video for me, I was able to try different hashtags and attract a new audience and 6 new followers. On Facebook the dancers also saw my tag and shared my video on THEIR page with a thank you.

2. Post about you and your journey

People love people, and posting about your journey can demonstrate you are human and are passionate about what you do. You can do this by adding stories regularly or posting your latest news in your feed.

Have you reached a milestone, won an award or have some exciting news? Use a photo or little video to get that across. Keep it informal and oozing with passion.

Example 1: When my business had reached two years old, I created a post with all my client’s logos on it, tagged those I knew and thanked everyone for their support. This led to many words of congratulations on all platforms. I wanted everyone to know that they had been part of my journey. *

Example 2: One Monday I posted a photo of me wearing my headphones at my co-working desk. I tagged where I was, who I was with and what I was doing. It was simple but the combination of tags, photo and my journey, meant a lot of engagement.

3. Write a blog

This is my aim on social media: Highlight services, showcase work and share insights. Therefore, when I create a blog, I am sharing my insights and demonstrating expertise in my field.

If you have a website, create a dedicated page and prepare a blog with images and content that is interesting and relevant. Don’t forget to use your social media and email newsletters to share the link and promote your blog.

Example 1: Without a doubt, every time I create a blog and post the link on social media, it boosts views and drives visitors to my website. Win Win! I know this, as I keep a monthly spreadsheet with all my analytics on.

Example 2: If your blog is generic, you can share again and again. It also gives you content for emailing your clients. Linked in is a superb platform for sharing blog posts, I for one often search for articles being shared about topics I am interested in.

Just a few ideas to get your teeth into this week. Be consistent and don’t panic, social media is just one cog in the marketing wheel for your business.

Stay tuned for more MUSTS.

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* 🎉2017 – 2019 😎 Celebrating two years in business! Since starting, I have produced more than 70 videos and have had the privilege of working with 41 wonderful clients. (Here are a few)
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